Don't forget the beginning of the heart and the party, and build a dream together with the heart - t

Issuing time:2018-07-09 10:38

Don't forget the beginning of the heart and the party, and build a dream together with the heart - the general branch of the Hengyuan Copper Party held a symposium to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party

Entrusted by Yan Zhifu, the general secretary of the Hengyuan Copper Party and the chairman of the group company, Wang Xiaojun, deputy secretary and deputy general manager of the party branch of Hengyuan Copper, presided over the forum. Under the reading of Deputy Secretary Wang Xiaojun, all party members revisited the oath of joining the party to express their faith and determination to the party's infinite loyalty. Later, Deputy Secretary Wang Xiaojun led everyone to study the contents of the 30th Lectures on Xi Jinping's Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, and emphasized that the general branch of the Hengyuan Copper Party was deployed according to the work of the non-public working committee of the city. And requirements, attach great importance to party building work around the theme of service production and management and promotion of enterprise development. The majority of party members and comrades in the work centered on the center, shouldered the mission, gave full play to the political leadership and fighting bastion of the party organization; grasped the overall situation, fulfilled their responsibilities, and gave full play to the backbone of the party members, and took the lead in setting a good role; dedication and dedication, loyalty to duty, It has a high sense of responsibility and mission to work, and has played a role in strengthening the workforce and promoting the development of the party organization. Thanks to the joint efforts of the employees, after more than eight years of hard work, the company has developed into a vice chairman unit of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, a national high-tech enterprise, a post-doctoral innovation practice base in Shandong Province, and a provincial-level enterprise technology center. Provincial-level new and old kinetic energy conversion industry (special) public training base, China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, China's top 500 private enterprises, China's top 50 non-ferrous industries, Shandong top 100 private enterprises.


Looking back on the development process of Hengyuan Copper in the past few years, everyone agrees that the development and construction of enterprises cannot be separated from the correct leadership and strong support of party committees and governments at all levels. The party organization is always the core of the political leadership of enterprises and leads the healthy development of enterprises. The right political direction.

According to the meeting arrangement, Xu Xiangsi, member of the Party Committee of the Hengyuan Copper Party Branch, read out the "Decision on the Change of the Committee of the Communist Youth League's Hengyuan Copper Branch". The "Decision" pointed out that with the development of the company, the company's leadership research decided to change the Communist Youth League Hengyuan Copper Branch Committee. It was recommended by the representatives of the staff members of the staff and reported to the company's leadership for approval. Song Yongbo was appointed as the secretary of the Communist Youth League branch, Zhao Zhiwei was appointed as the committee member, and Qi Qingyu was appointed as the propaganda committee member. Song Yongbo said that in the future, efforts will be made to unite the young employees of the company closely around the Communist Youth League organizations, to play the role of the young workers and youth league members, to be devoted to their duties, to be dedicated and dedicated, and under the leadership of the company’s party branch, to strive for the company’s group branches. The management of the project has reached a new level and contributed to the company's development and growth.

During the discussion and exchange session, the company's probationary party member, Chang Changfen, talked about the party's understanding and learning growth process.


Party members Xu Xiangsi and Ji Aibing shared their own work and shared their experiences and feelings in the work, and they were able to stand up and bear the burdens and feelings at the crucial moments. They expressed their ability to listen to the party, follow the party, and strive for the party’s cause and company development. Firm belief.

The meeting called for all party members to be deployed under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in accordance with the arrangements of the general branch of the Hengyuan Copper Party, unite and lead the staff around the company's overall development, not forgetting the initial heart, keeping in mind the mission, and gathering together. Work hard, work hard, and work hard to create a new situation in the development of Hengyuan Copper Industry!