"Colorful economy" deep kinetic energy, strong bones forward

Issuing time:2018-06-04 09:15

The province has comprehensively launched the convening of the new and old kinetic energy conversion major project mobilization meeting, set up the flag, pointed out the direction, promoted the structural transfer, and implemented the kinetic energy conversion to become the "No. 1 project" for the development of various localities and various industries, "breaking the mind, Renewing the concept of development, promoting the transformation of the industrial system and improving the level of service management has become a new consensus in the Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone.

In the new era, new requirements are put forward; new ideas are introduced to guide new developments.

  The downward pressure on the domestic and international economy and the fierce turmoil in international copper prices, as one of the four major industrial clusters built by the city and one of the leading industries in the Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone, how to improve the concept and reform, how to continue to stand for the forefront And breaking the waves?

  "If enterprises want to develop, they must understand what the old and new kinetic energy is, and how to do it. The transformation of old and new kinetic energy is not to eliminate traditional industries, but to improve the transformation, upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, continue to do the addition articles, and let the traditional industries rejuvenate. Realize 'old tree sprouts'." Cui Zhixiang, chairman of Fangyuan Company, gave such an answer.

  Faced with the grim situation of the non-ferrous metals industry, why can the non-ferrous industry “leader” Fangyuan Company move forward steadily? Cui Zhixiang, who was interviewed, revealed the secret: relying on the advantages of scientific and technological innovation, fully promote the “going out” of Fangyuan technology, packaging the standard system to serve Chilean enterprises, and realizing the company from “selling products” to “selling technology” to “selling standards”. The transformation spans. According to reports, on the basis of this, Fangyuan Company has steadily and orderly promoted the promotion and landing of “Fangyuan Technology” in Indonesia, Ecuador, Russia and other countries and regions, fostering new economic growth poles and improving the company's competitive dimension. Relying on Fangyuan International Logistics Center, it will create the largest non-ferrous metal spot trading platform in the Yellow Triangle region, promote the establishment of the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the London Metal Exchange designated non-ferrous metal delivery warehouse, and gradually realize the transformation of traditional non-ferrous metal trade to the modern supply chain management platform. Better serve the physical industry.

  "Competition of enterprises is still the competition of technical level. This is the key to the development of high quality and the secret of cracking the dilemma." For the development of the non-ferrous metal industry, the concept of Disai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. and Fangyuan Company do not seek And combined.

  “If you want to gain a foothold in the industry, you must form influential major innovations in key technology areas, with core intellectual property rights and innovative products. Otherwise, people will be able to take the scorpion away, and production capacity and economic benefits will Greatly reduced.” Ba Yuguo, chairman of Disai Electromechanical, said that for many years, Desai Electromechanical has adhered to independent innovation and constantly improved its technical level. The production of electromagnetic wires has been modified to adopt 7 international standards and participated in the drafting of winding wire standards for wind turbines. The corona-resistant electromagnet line was successfully used in batches on the Harmony and Fuxing EMUs. It has become the largest supplier of electromagnetic wires for CRRC, with a market share of 70%. The company has successfully passed into the global qualified suppliers through Bombardier and Alstom audits.

Into the production zone of another non-ferrous metal enterprise in the development zone, the Hengyuan copper production workshop, I feel the scene of the fire: the furnace copper splashes, the machine roars, one busy figure is active in the production line, rushing in the production sections between. It is understood that in recent months, the company's sales orders for products have continued.

“The company has a good product market, many orders, and busy workshops.” Yan Zhifu, the chairman of Hengyuan Copper Co., which won the “4th Dongying Mayor Quality Award”, attributed these to “Quality Strong Enterprise” and The strong implementation of the "Brand Winning" strategy.

  Yan Zhifu believes: "The brand is the common pursuit of producers and consumers, and the quality is the life of the enterprise. To achieve high quality development, we must strengthen brand building and quality management." To do business is to be a brand and to be a brand. Relying on quality, the company gives full play to the provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion industry public training base platform and the research and innovation advantages of the Yellow River Delta Nonferrous Metal Research Institute of Shandong Province, through the cooperation of industry, university and research to develop new products and processes, promote new technologies and new achievements, and firmly implement Implementing the strategy of strong brand and strong enterprise, and embarking on a road of quality and efficiency development, it has become the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises and the top 500 private enterprises in China.

  "In order to achieve high-quality development, the first priority is to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and take structural adjustment as the main direction." Jiang Tao, director of the Development Zone Economic Development Bureau, said that in the future, the development zone will adhere to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and improve the supply system. The quality and efficiency will promote the city's industrial structure to reduce the burden, and accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy.


Asked where the channel is clear, it is a source of water. The development zone will further play the supporting role of the “1+5” innovation development platform, accelerate the construction of non-ferrous metal industrial parks, and strengthen the professional cooperation, production support, material transportation and turnover, and improve comprehensive economic benefits. Promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and create important external environments and conditions for promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and orderly transformation of new and old kinetic energy. At the same time, further extend the industrial chain, promote the high value, green, scale, chain group and globalization of non-ferrous metals industry, build an ecological national non-ferrous metal industry base; do a good job in the third non-ferrous metal industry exhibition, vigorously Promote the "oxygen bottom blowing smelting multi-metal capture technology" to contribute to the technological upgrading and industrial progress of the Chinese non-ferrous metal industry.

(Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone: Wang Gang)