Strengthen safety inspections, check safety hazards, ensure stable development

Issuing time:2018-06-11 09:15
In order to further take effective measures and strengthen safety production supervision, in recent days, the company's deputy general manager Wang Xiaojun has been in-depth production of the first line to carry out self-examination and self-correction work, check whether the safety facilities are complete, and whether the production cleaning agent is used. According to the regulations, the fixed point storage, safety equipment can be used normally. Through on-site inspection, it was found that some cleaning agents were not sealed and stored in time after use, and the individual fire faucet ferrule joints in the copper pipe workshop were rusted and aging, and the individual fire extinguishers exceeded the validity period and other safety hazards. Wang Xiaojun instructed Cheng Anhuan to cooperate with the relevant departments of the company to act quickly on the problems discovered by the inspection, and establish a reform to ensure timely rectification and thorough rectification of the problems, to ensure that all safety facilities of the company are in place and effectively available.

Security is politics, the overall situation, and the image. In the work, we must firmly establish the concept of safe development, further strengthen the awareness of the red line, and put safety work as the top priority, and put it in the hands, not to be slack, neglect and loss. Safe production is no fun. The occurrence of the accident fully exposed the lack of responsibility for the safety production of the enterprise. The alarm bell is long, affecting people! The siren of every fire truck is full of sorrow, and every painful accident leaves a permanent pain.

Safety production is socially responsible. Security is the basic condition of social harmony. It is a responsibility that every enterprise can't shirk its responsibility. It is about politics, the overall situation, the stability of the people, and the people's livelihood. Enterprises must put the safety of employees' lives first, with respect for life, adhering to the laws of morality, keeping the bottom line of the law, and keeping safety production firmly in their hands.

  Safety production is responsible for employees. Employees work in the company to manage their own happy "little family." After a security incident, the parents lost their trust, the wife and children lost their reliance, the brothers and sisters lost their hands and feet, and the happy family never had laughter. From the perspective of safeguarding the vital interests of employees, enterprises must resolutely prevent all kinds of casualties from happening, let employees happily go to work, and go home safely, so that the family will be bright.

  Safe production, always on the road. We will further enhance our ideological understanding, strengthen the implementation of our responsibilities, comprehensively do a good job in safety production management, and contribute to building a harmonious enterprise and promoting economic and social development in the region.