Let the "artisan spirit" take root in the Hengyuan copper industry

Issuing time:2018-05-30 09:22

Xu Xiangsi, the first "Dongying Gold Medal Craftsman". In the work of Hengyuan Copper Equipment Department, he is based in his position, studying and researching equipment technology business knowledge, striving to improve his business level, improving his comprehensive quality and business ability, and creating a technically advanced technology through training and training. The technical team with excellent quality and excellent style has participated in research and development of invention and utility model patents for more than 20 times. It is the company's equipment technology model and the company's factory-level labor model. He led the research and development of "innovation of copper alloy wire production equipment for railway electrification" was awarded the second prize of Dongying City staff technical innovation achievements, Dongying City Top Ten Technology Innovation Achievement Award, Shandong Province Workers Technology Innovation Achievement Award and other honorary titles.


1. Actively participate in equipment process improvement and research and development of new products. The research technology is endless, and excellence is the best. This is the belief that Xu Xiangsi pursues in his work. In the work, he explored a set of simple and feasible tensile molding method, made a comprehensive improvement on the stretching process of all the copper pipes of our company, and made new specifications for the copper pipe that had not been done before. The stretching process gradually produced a set of stretching processes suitable for the production requirements of our company, which enabled our company to significantly improve the stretching process technology and systematize it. In order to carry out in-depth research on the irregular operation and random operation in production, and to formulate the process operation procedures of each process in combination with the actual situation of the company, the operation has rules and regulations, the operation of each process is standardized, and the work efficiency is improved.


Second, bold implementation of technological innovation, leading the completion of a number of invention patents. The company strongly advocates technological innovation. In recent years, under the efforts of technical personnel such as Xu Xiangsi of the equipment department, the company has organized and reformed the triple pull equipment, independently developed the copper rod take-up basket equipment, processed and reprocessed the replaced equipment parts, and recycled and reused. Change to innovative projects. In response to the problem that the electrode installation position of the company's copper tube workshop is single, the volume of the electric furnace is limited, and the production capacity is low, Comrade Xu Xiangsi actively participates in the production technology innovation of the furnace group and conducts technological innovation research. The continuous casting and rolling electric melting furnace has achieved good results and improved the metal flow problem effectively. It has completed a number of researches on multi-zone heating intelligent detection electric melting furnace, and applied for more than 20 invention and utility model patents. Outstanding contributions have been made in efficiency, energy saving, cost reduction and efficiency increase.


Third, actively cooperate with relevant departments to analyze and discuss product quality issues to ensure that product quality is steadily improved and improved. In response to the problem of intermediate oxidation in some products, Comrade Xu Xiangsi actively cooperated with relevant departments for analysis and discussion, organized related procedures to carry out test improvement, and adjusted the tapping temperature and packaging time of copper pipes, so that this problem was fundamentally controlled. Greatly improved work efficiency and product quality. In response to the problem of rewinding the internal pumping tube, we actively thought about the countermeasures, and actively conducted analysis and research on the peers. After nearly one month of research, we successfully solved the problems and further improved the market competitiveness of the products. Thanks to the joint efforts of a group of technical backbones such as Comrade Xu Xiangsi, the company's production technology transformation, process innovation and production management innovation work has achieved remarkable results, and achieved good results in increasing production capacity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

    Comrade Xu Xiangsi strives to advocate and practice the team spirit of courage, cooperation, and enthusiasm in the work, and does his best to care about the growth and life of the employees around him. It is the excellent quality and strong business ability of Hengyuan Copper Company. Worker. “Love is dedicated, diligent in research, and pursuing excellence.” Xu Xiangsi conveyed the “artisan spirit” in the production line with practical actions. His outstanding work performance, diligent and pragmatic work style have been widely recognized by the company.

    "It is possible to work with the colleagues in the equipment department to maintain and maintain the equipment, to ensure smooth operation of the production, and to create economic benefits for the company. It is my job responsibility and the place that I am most proud of," Xu Xiangsi said. "A good one." It’s not good, everyone is really good! In the future, I will continue to work hard with my colleagues to study business knowledge, constantly improve the skills and quality, and strive to create a first-class 'artisan team', so that the "artisan spirit" can land in the company. root!"