The general branch of the Hengyuan Copper Party held a symposium to celebrate the 96th anniversary o

Issuing time:2017-07-06 12:07

To celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, review the glorious course of the party, sing the party's great achievements, sum up the work experience of party building, study and deploy the next step, mobilize all party members to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the party, and thoroughly study and implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Spirit, solidly carry out the "two studies and one doing" study and education activities, the general branch of the Hengyuan Copper Party organized a symposium to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the party in the party members' activity room on the afternoon of June 30. Entrusted by Yan Zhifu, the general secretary of the Hengyuan Copper Party and the president of the group company, Wang Xiaojun, deputy secretary of the company's party branch, presided over the forum.

This activity is an initiative of the company's general branch of the Party's "two studies and one work" learning and education. Deputy Secretary Wang Xiaojun led the party members to revisit the oath of the party and collectively studied the contents of the "Party Constitution" and General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches. Everyone agrees that looking back at the extraordinary five years since the 18th National Congress, the tremendous progress made by Chinese society is historic. The reform of key areas has been further advanced, and the momentum of economic development has been steadily transformed. China's position and role in global governance has become increasingly prominent. The sense of direction, sense of acquisition, sense of fairness and pride of more than one billion people has been further enhanced, and the whole society has shown its inexhaustible vitality. Behind the new development situation is a powerful guideline for the new ideas, new ideas and new strategies of the Party Central Committee for governing the country. It is the strategizing of General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategy and is the iron fist of the Party Central Committee to strictly manage the party. The courage to face the issue and the courage to self-revolution to govern the party has greatly enhanced the party's appeal and cohesiveness; loving the party and prospering the party with the determination of self-purification and self-improvement has greatly enhanced the party's creativity and combat effectiveness. This is the most far-reaching achievement of all achievements in the past five years, and it is also the key reason for the tremendous changes in the past five years.

In recent years, according to the work deployment and requirements of the non-public working committee, the general branch of the Hengyuan Copper Party attaches great importance to party building work around the theme of service production and management and promoting enterprise development, and reviews the development process of Hengyuan Copper in recent years. What we feel most profoundly is that the development and construction of enterprises is inseparable from the correct leadership and strong support of the party committees and governments at all levels. The party organization is always the core of the political leadership of enterprises and leads the correct political direction for the healthy development of enterprises. Deputy Secretary Wang Xiaojun has taken the mission of the party general branch of the company and the majority of party members and comrades around the center, giving full play to the political leadership and fighting bastion of the party organization; grasping the overall situation, doing their utmost, giving full play to the backbone of the party members and taking the lead Dedicated role; dedication and dedication, loyalty to duty, a high sense of responsibility and mission to work, giving a positive evaluation of the role of the party organization in stabilizing the workforce and promoting the development of the enterprise. According to the arrangement of the meeting, two outstanding Communist Party members were selected to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees to love the party and love the party. At the same time, it also laid a good atmosphere for promoting the "two studies and one doing" study and education activities.

The meeting called for all members of the company to remember the nature and purpose of the party, inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the party, unite and lead the broad masses of employees to invigorate the spirit and carry forward the past, with a stronger sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, and more vigorous work and pursuit of excellence. The style of work, and strive to promote the development of various undertakings of Hengyuan Copper to a new level, and greet the party's 19th National Congress with outstanding achievements.