The Hengyuan Copper Party organized a symposium of party members on the 93rd anniversary of the foun

Issuing time:2014-10-13 12:33

On the occasion of the Chinese Communist Party’s 93rd birthday, according to the requirements and arrangements of the chairman of the group company and the head of the party organization Yan Zhifu, the group company celebrated the party’s representative meeting on the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the party on the afternoon of June 30th. The Hengyuan Copper Conference Room was held. The symposium was presided over by Secretary Ding Lixing. The content of the symposium was lively and lively, the party members interacted, and the old and new exchanges achieved the intended purpose.

 According to the meeting arrangement, two new party members, Song Yongbo and Gao Guangqiang, took the oath of joining the party, and the old party members also revisited the oath of joining the party. In the face of the bright red party flag, through a solemn oath, expressed his vows of party loyalty and determination to fight for the party's cause for life. Afterwards, all the party members and representatives reviewed the history of the party's development struggle, learned part of the "party constitution", and conducted the party's basic knowledge test. At the meeting, the "Decision on the selection of two comrades Xu Xiangsi and Song Yongbo as outstanding Communists of Hengyuan Copper" was passed. Secretary Ding emphasized that the convening of a party member representative symposium is to relive the party's history and to remember the Chinese Communist Party's ninety-three years of hard work and the great achievements of revolution, construction and reform. Since the beginning of this year, the party branch of the group company has carried out all kinds of work closely around the company's 2014 work tasks and goals, united and led all employees to seize opportunities, overcome difficulties, work hard, and in production and operation, product sales, and strengthen management. New achievements and new progress have been made in team building. The achievements of the company are inseparable from the hard work of the comrades in the party members, and are the result of the joint efforts of all employees!

 In order to further play the role of the party's fighting bastion and the advanced model role of the Communist Party members and promote the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the company's various undertakings, Secretary Ding put forward five requirements: First, focus on the center, shoulder the mission, and give full play to the party organization. Political leadership and fighting fortress role; Second, we must grasp the overall situation, do our utmost to give full play to the party members and cadres' cohesiveness and take the lead in setting a role; third, we must base ourselves on the post, keep in mind the purpose, and give full play to the pioneering model and backbone of the Communist Party members; To be the backbone of the company's unity and development, enhance the awareness of the example and responsibility, give play to the leading role of the party members and the vanguard and exemplary role; five to lead by example, dedication and dedication, to work with a high sense of responsibility and mission. The majority of party members said that they should follow the example of the outstanding Communist Party members, work hard to meet their high standards and strict requirements, and strive to do their jobs, unite and lead the company's employees to develop and innovate, and work hard to complete the 2014 annual work of the group company. Work hard!