Issuing time:2018-09-20 12:49


Hengyuan derives from the sentence from the “Book of Changes” - “originating, penetrating, advantageous, correct; in the evening still careful and apprenhensive; the dragon on the wing in the sky. It will be advantageous to meet with the great man”. “Hengtong” means smooth and successful, which is the spiritual embodiment of people’s good wishes for successful careers and the pursuit of perfection of Hengyuan people; bronze tripod represents the ancient Chinese bronze culture, and a symbol of the country and the rights; the tripod-shaped base of the logo symbolizes both the rigorousness of Hengyuan people, their work attitude of always seeking higher perfection, and the excellent quality of the products as well as the spirit of pursuing excellence of Hengyuan people. The entire logo adopts a pattern that combines the steady tripod and the copper coins; the golden yellow hue shows the corporate spirit of pursuing excellence and their youthful vitality.