Our district successfully passed the acceptance of the national intellectual property pilot park

Issuing time:2016-06-13 15:54

Recently, the expert group composed of a group of 5 members of the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, Mr. Lu Baoli, conducted an assessment and acceptance of the National Intellectual Property Pilot Park in our district. The expert group has inspected Shandong Guozhu, Huawang Intelligence, Tianyuan Information and other enterprises to understand the intellectual property work of enterprises. At the acceptance meeting, the expert group listened to the detailed report on the construction of the pilot park. After consulting the materials, on-site inquiry and centralized evaluation, it was unanimously agreed to pass the national IPR pilot park acceptance.

The expert group believes that since the development zone was recognized as a national intellectual property pilot park in June 2013, it has conscientiously implemented the pilot work plan, established and improved the intellectual property management and service system, and comprehensively improved the intellectual property service capability and quality. The capacity has been further enhanced, and the pilot work has achieved remarkable results, achieving rapid improvement in the ability to create, use, protect and manage intellectual property. In the next step, we should conscientiously summarize the pilot work experience, further enhance the patent value of the enterprise, carry out the patent navigation project in combination with the industrial development of the development zone, promote the deep integration of intellectual property rights and economic development, and actively strive to create a national intellectual property demonstration park.