Our district has carried out the "two studies and one doing" study and education special party class

Issuing time:2016-06-13 15:55

On the morning of June 8, the lecture hall on the first floor of the district carried out the "two studies and one doing" study and education special party class activities. The party work committee secretary and director of the management committee Chang Huaicheng attended the party class for the party members of the district.

Chang Huaicheng pointed out that "two studies and one work" study education is a learning education for all party members after the central party's mass line education practice activities and "three strict and three real" special education, which is the key to promoting intra-party education. A few major measures to expand to all party members and extend from concentrated educational activities to regular education are aimed at implementing the requirements of strict management of the party to all party members, so that every party member can speak politics and have faith. Rules, discipline, morality, conduct, dedication, and action.

Chang Huaicheng stressed that the whole region should implement the principle of strictly administering the party strictly, consolidate the good development trend, and carry out the "two studies and one doing" study and education; learn from the successful experience of concentrated education, highlight the characteristics of regular education, and improve The scientific level of Party members' education; it is necessary to unify the Party Constitution and the series of speeches, further strengthen the theoretical armed forces, clarify the basic requirements, and unify the ideological actions; it is necessary to deeply grasp the relationship between learning and doing, to promote learning, to know how to do together. Work hard to be a qualified Communist Party member. In the next step, the party members of all organs take the "two studies and one doing" study and education as an opportunity, insist on studying the party constitution and the series of speeches as the compulsory courses and regular courses of party education, so that they can learn and understand thoroughly, integrate and adhere to the high point. Positioning, striving for excellence, continuous pioneering and innovative work, comprehensively optimizing and improving service levels, constantly creating a new situation in the work of the government, and making positive contributions to promoting economic and social development in the region.

Wang Hongjun, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee, presided over this special party class activity. The party committee and the leadership team members of the management committee, the main responsible persons of various departments and units, and representatives of party members of various departments and units participated in this special party class activity.