Our district won the honorary title of “Safety Production Advanced County (City, District)”

Issuing time:2016-03-16 15:56

After winning the 2015 city's safety production target management outstanding units (counties, development zones), our district has recently passed the news and won the 2015 provincial advanced production safety county (city, district), becoming the only city in the city to receive this honor. County, development zone.

   Since 2015, our district has taken the urban public safety special action as the starting point, combined with the city's improvement of safety and environmental protection level to promote the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, and vigorously promote the safe production of hidden dangers, rapid investigation and strict enforcement of law enforcement actions. Pay close attention to safety standardization, strictly control safety production "three simultaneous", and promote propaganda and education and training. The safety production situation in the whole region continues to be stable, ranking first in the city for ten consecutive years in the annual safety production target responsibility assessment.