Fan Shunke took over as chairman of the 7th Council of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry A

Issuing time:2017-10-15 15:59
On September 26, the Third Council of the 7th China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the “Council”) was held in Yingtan, Jiangxi. According to the relevant regulations of the "National Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association", the Board of Directors reviewed and approved the resolutions of the chairman and deputy directors. Fan Shunke, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, took over the chairmanship of the seventh session of the board of directors. Jin Jing, general manager of Ningbo Xingye Shengtai Group Co., Ltd. and Huang Gucheng, chairman of China National Color Technology Co., Ltd., replaced Wang Jianli and Zhou Baiquan as directors and deputy directors respectively. Jiang Chun, Chairman of Anhui Chujiang Science and Technology New Materials Co., Ltd., and Li Xiang, Chairman of Fujian Nanping Aluminum Co., Ltd., are the directors and deputy directors. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary general of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association.

 Regarding the next development of the processing industry, Fan Shunke said that processing enterprises should be big business, large-scale, make characteristics, strengthen brands; pay attention to environmental protection and safety issues; strengthen independent innovation; use capital markets well; "Going out" strategy. For the next step of the processing association, Fan Shunke proposed that one should find a new position, that is, new materials. Second, we must strengthen our own construction, make good use of news and propaganda methods, understand corporate demands, and actively promote the development of the industry and do things that are beneficial to the development of the industry. Third, we must strengthen foreign cooperation, do a good job in industry research and data statistics release work. Fourth, we must do a good job of evaluation and strong work.

 The conference reviewed the work report titled “Insist on Innovative Development, Accelerate Transformation and Upgrading, and Create Good Conditions for Supply-side Structural Reform of Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Industry”. Over the past year or so, the Processing Association has carried out a series of work to create a service platform, improve research capabilities, improve member services, and strengthen the construction of associations, and achieved certain results. In particular, it provides in-depth and diversified industry services by strengthening standards, promoting industrial upgrading, assisting local investment, and supporting and supporting.

 It is reported that the processing association will further improve its consulting and research capabilities, promote the integration of military and civilian development, promote the “Belt and Road”, continue to expand aluminum applications, promote collaborative innovation and development, strengthen support and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and enhance the influence of conference brands. Focus on updating and perfecting the expert think tank and strengthening the association's own construction.

 The meeting also reviewed the "Resolution on the Adjustment, Addition and Termination of Directors", the "Resolution on the Revision of the Administrative Measures for the Branches of the China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association" (Draft), and the 2016 Annual Financial Work Report of the China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association (Draft) )".