How can copper tube enterprises break through the "price war"?

Issuing time:2016-12-07 16:04

With the recent surge in copper prices, the copper processing industry has attracted much attention. However, the current market conditions are not optimistic. The competition among enterprises is fierce, the products are mixed, and the price war is intensifying. These phenomena are pushing the industrial transformation and upgrading. Under the new normal, how can copper tube enterprises create a bloody way in the chaotic market? We specially interviewed Mr. Meng Wenguang, the general manager of the well-known copper processing enterprise, Shangong Hengyuan Co., Ltd., and asked him to talk about the copper tube enterprises. The road to development.

Performance - good sales

Meng Wenguang said in an interview with the reporter of "Refrigeration Business": "The overall sales situation of Hengyuan is good this year, and the order is very full. Although the economic downturn is strong, many industries are in decline, but our copper pipe orders are still very sufficient. The two copper pipe production lines in the workshop are fully loaded."

In terms of production capacity this year, Meng Wenguang said: "With the increasingly standardized production site management and the improvement of staff operating skills, the copper pipe workshop has a monthly average production capacity of around 1100 tons in the market demand from March to July. In terms of structure, the output of coils in the first half of last year was basically stable, and the market demand was changed in the second half of the year; the monthly output of tube blanks and mosquito coils was basically stable. This provided an important basis for us to formulate scientific and rational production plans. The production capacity has been guaranteed, and the delivery time of the products has been guaranteed. Basically, it can be delivered in time according to customer requirements in the second half of the year."

Reducing costs is also an important means of improving performance. “In terms of energy saving and consumption reduction, Hengyuan’s production department has implemented an energy management system, and the entire production system has established a set of energy conservation management standards, starting from all aspects of production, and formulating corresponding production cost assessment and control targets for each construction section. As an important assessment content and indicator of workshop management, such as annealing furnace section, reasonable arrangement of night annealing according to the order, avoiding the peak of electricity consumption, reducing the cost of electricity consumption; for the consumption of large materials, monthly quantitative use, trade-in Management system. In addition, we reprocessed the old parts after replacement, such as the heading machine push rod, the milling machine pressing wheel shaft, etc., and repeated recycling, which saved the company a lot of money. In addition, we will strengthen the equipment maintenance. During the inspection work, it was found that water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, electric leakage and other phenomena were dealt with in a timely manner. It prevented the leakage and reduced energy consumption." Meng Wenguang believes that the development of these tasks not only advocates the good habits of employees to save resources. It also enhances the market competitiveness of the Hengyuan copper tube while reducing costs.

Quality - determine the speed of development

As a production and processing enterprise, Shandong Hengyuan is the first to bear the brunt of product quality and play a decisive role in promoting the company's rapid development.

Meng Wenguang, general manager of Hengyuan, believes that the mystery of Hengyuan copper pipe to maintain high sales is to put quality first. "Our company has always insisted on quality survival, equipment technology update, production management, after-sales service, control technology, raw material procurement and the whole process control of production in the quality of copper pipe. We strictly put quality first."

When talking about the specific measures to improve product quality, Meng Wenguang introduced in detail: "In response to product quality problems in the first half of the year, such as copper tube cracking and cracking, middle layer oxidation, etc., on the basis of summing up the previous quality management, the Quality Technology Department re- Formulate new processes for annealing and packaging processes, improve production workshops and implement quality management standards and rules, and strengthen supervision of production processes. While doing a good job of self-inspection and special inspection, the quality inspection department and the production workshop jointly study ways to improve product quality. Efforts to solve the actual quality problems. In response to customer feedback on the quality problems of copper rods, the production department timely organized quality inspections, equipment, and workshops to find the cause of the problem, and took corresponding measures to eliminate the hidden dangers. From the information of recent customer feedback, the company's products The quality has become stable overall, winning the trust and recognition of our customers, creating new positive factors for stabilizing customers to expand the market."

The on-site management of the production workshop is also an aspect to ensure the quality of the products. According to the specific requirements of fine management and standardized production, the production workshop of Hengyuan strictly implements the pre-class meeting system and the work items and requirements related to the company's production, quality and equipment. Communicate and emphasize, and continue to do on-site work such as on-site sanitation cleaning and material placement. "We have further enhanced the awareness of the company and the ability to do the job by strengthening the pre-employment training, safety education and homework guidance for new employees. The ideological sentiment of the production frontline staff team remained stable, the production order continued to improve, and the employee organization The discipline has been significantly enhanced, and the overall level of on-site management has been greatly improved."

Innovation - the primary strategic task

A company must break through the bottleneck of development and solve deep-seated contradictions and problems. The fundamental way out lies in innovation. Innovation is the soul of enterprise development and progress, and it is the inexhaustible motive force for enterprises to thrive. In the fierce international competition, only innovators advance, but innovation Strong, but the innovator wins.

Since the establishment of Hengyuan Copper, it has always implemented the scientific and technological innovation as the primary strategic task to promote the sustainable development of the company, and actively created a strong atmosphere of “emphasizing talents and focusing on innovation”. For this reason, the company established a scientific and technological research and development center and researched with the Chinese Academy of Sciences on ecological environment. The Center, the Environmental College of Tsinghua University and other high-level research institutes reached a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly carry out in-depth and all-round strategic cooperation on the development of new products and new technologies, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the training of scientific and technological personnel. The company has been awarded national high-tech enterprises, provincial-level enterprise technology centers and engineering laboratories, and has undertaken a number of major scientific research projects such as national key industry revitalization and technological transformation, Shandong Province science and technology development plan, and has applied for invention and utility model patents. 97 items, and actively participated in and led the formulation of 23 industry standards such as "Seamless Copper Tubes for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment" and "Seamless Copper Water Pipes and Copper Air Pipes". So far, there have been 6 domestic trademark registrations and Madrid trademarks registered in 61 countries. After years of development and construction, the company has now become China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, China's top 500 private enterprises, China's top 50 non-ferrous industries, and the top 100 enterprises in Shandong Province.

Meng Wenguang, general manager of Hengyuan said: "Next, we will increase investment in science and technology research and innovation, create a strong atmosphere of innovation for all employees, and insist on leading enterprises to accelerate development through innovation."

Brand - the core of corporate competition

“By relying on the brand to strengthen the bones and strengthen the culture with oil.” The economy of the 21st century is essentially the brand economy. The competition among enterprises has evolved from products and prices to competition characterized by brands. To be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, we must have our own brand and good reputation.

Hengyuan Copper strongly promotes the implementation of the brand strong enterprise strategy, making full use of domestic and foreign resources and two markets to continuously strengthen corporate brand building. “The current sales area of the company's products is mainly concentrated in East China, South China and North China. The foreign customers are mainly distributed in North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. According to Meng Wenguang, the popularity and influence of “Hengyuan” brand in the industry and internationally. The power is gradually expanding. "This year, the company's plans to strengthen brand building and build internationally renowned brands include: First, it will continue to participate in domestic and international refrigeration exhibitions held in the industry to further enhance the company's brand awareness; second, to actively respond to the national '13th Five-Year Plan In the development strategy of encouraging enterprises to “go global”, Hengyuan Copper will invest in the construction of 20,000 tons of precision copper pipe and copper parts in Malaysia. The product sales area will radiate throughout Southeast Asia, not only promoting the politics of China and Malaysia. The economic cooperation and development is also conducive to the integration and development of the entire ASEAN region. The third is to carry out international trade cooperation with the Swiss Gongga Group. The Gongga Group sells 20,000 tons of products per year. The fourth is to set up a branch in Taiwan to fully carry out Taiwan business. The above projects will be implemented one by one when the time is right to build an internationally renowned brand enterprise."

“In addition, the company has set up branches or offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Fuzhou and Qingdao in recent years, and the products radiate into the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region.” Meng Wenguang said that Hengyuan participated in Mexico, Chicago, Thailand. The international refrigeration exhibitions held by countries and regions such as Malaysia have further enhanced the company's products and the company's visibility in the industry. "We have focused on quality, grasped standards, and actively responded to the development strategy of the country going global. We have established branches in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and established offices in Taiwan, using the local Chinese community organizations to quickly open up the situation. The company has opened up the market and launched its business. The company's products are sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia, the European Union, the Middle East and other countries and regions, creating favorable conditions for promoting the implementation of the brand strong enterprise strategy. In recent years, Shandong Hengyuan has been awarded Shandong Provincial Consumer Satisfaction Unit, Shandong Famous Trademark, China Well-known Trademark, National Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Enterprise and many other honorary titles. Hengyuan Copper regards “building a first-class enterprise and creating a world famous brand” as the goal of the enterprise and actively building the corporate brand.

"Fu Niu Ang is a long-term singer, and does not need to whip himself." Shandong Hengyuan Copper Co., Ltd. actively participates in and integrates into the "One Belt, One Road" national strategy, and is committed to speeding up the pace of innovation and development. I believe that enterprises will continue to do better in the future. Big and strong!