Committed to the city, go all out to pay tribute to the day and night fighting in the production lin

Issuing time:2018-05-25 16:11
 Since the beginning of this year, especially in recent months, a steady stream of sales orders have come one after another. Faced with time-critical, heavy-duty, and high-demand production tasks, the company's leaders took over the overall dispatch, strengthened organizational coordination, and quickly set off a tough battle of "three months of fighting and one hundred days of hard work" in the company! Committed to the city, go all out, and strive to ensure quality and quantity to ensure the safety of the production task!
All departments and workshops are carefully planned according to the company's unified deployment, carefully arranged, clearly defined responsibilities, implemented to people, and jointly promote the orderly development of the peak season. The production workshop strengthens communication with the sales department, seamlessly connects, and problems are dealt with in a timely manner and coordinated to ensure that production problems are not overnight. The daily production quota will be defined, and the production tasks of the day will be implemented to the teams and individuals. The morning meeting will report the daily output of each team. The Nissan record continued to rise to a new height, and was repeatedly broken and refreshed. All employees were full of enthusiasm. We all carried forward the spirit of not being afraid of hardship and not being tired, and set off the sleeves to cheer up and challenge the peak period with high morale. The production site was in full swing, the furnace copper splashed, the machine roared, and the scene was orderly. Every employee is fully committed to production and efficient use of working hours. Along with the uniform and powerful roar of the machine, a busy figure is active on the production line, constantly running between the various production sections. In the workshop, there is a bustling and inspiring scene, and the atmosphere of the big dry is like a wave!
Li Bo, the person in charge of the production dispatching office, said: "The sales volume of the company is good. We are also doing a good job. The current first is to complete the production task with quality and quantity. The bitterness and tiredness are not counted." In order to speed up the delivery schedule, the sales staff of Wang Jiancai, Liu Jiangli and Wang Longlong from the sales department also came to the packaging section to assist in the packaging operation. They unanimously stated that the company has more orders and the workshops are busy, indicating that our product market has more sales, and the company's efficiency is good, so our employees can live better!
Unity is power and cooperation is efficiency. High-yield tasks are urgent! The machine sound and motor sound of the rumble in the production workshop became a first and magnificent symphony, just like the blazing flame burning in the hearts of all the people. In the days to come, we will use hard work to ensure timely delivery of sales orders to meet customer needs. As long as we are united and brave, we will be able to win this season's tough battle! Because we are a team that can endure hardship, fight, and contribute!

High production is a test for us, and it is also recognition of Hengyuan products. In order to ensure that the delivery time promised to the customer can be achieved on time, even in the hot weather during the hot weather, the majority of production front-line workers still stick to their jobs, compete against time, and work overtime to catch up with production.

Here, let us work together for the day and night to pay tribute to the Hengyuan people in the production line!